Vimar La Línea S.L. – Constructions

Our firm has constructed an extensive number of buildings, including residencial buildings, flats, as well as industrial warehouses among others.
Our whole team works in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, quality being the central concern of our company.
Our beginnings date back to 1981 when Mr. Vicente Fernandez Ruiz begins to work in the family business, consolidating the professional trajectory carried out during the years before by his predecessor Mr. Miguel Fernandez Rodriguez, who at that time was working on the promotion and construction of terraced family houses which were in demand at that time.

After a period of hard work and sacrifice, The Building Company Vimar La Linea S.L. is formed and begins to work in different areas in the province of Cadiz, mainly in the Gibraltar Campo area and particularly in the exclusive residential complex of Sotogrande, and also in the province of Malaga, becoming a leading name in the construction of villas, terraced family houses, blocks of flats, industrial warehouses and have carried out every kind of concrete structure.

Vimar La Linea will build your house “key in hand” using modern technology and offering advanced solutions during the construction of your project. Our firm takes charge not only of the construction in itself, but also of designing projects, superintendence during construction and other administrative issues related to construction.

Our guarantee is our experience of more than thirty years in the building business, the satisfaction of our customers and the large range of buildings constructed. The foundation of Vimar S. L.´s success is based on the fact that is a family business, a large family formed by all those who work there, by suppliers and by customers.

Technical resources

Vimar La Linea S.L. is equipped with material means needed for the development of its projects, its heavy machinery is constantly being renewed, paying special attention to the inovations which appear in the sector of machinery for building, and modern installment of store houses and offices.

Here is an example of some of the technical resources we dispose of:

  • Cars, vans, lorries and industrial vehicles.
  • Telescopic magnitude (paddle-loader /porta-pallet, mechanical arm)
  • Retro-excavator 250
  • Cement mixers.
  • Electrical hauling and lifting equipment.
  • Electrical radials, hammers, drills, saws, honing machines, vacumn cleaners, delineaters, cutting table, powder pistols, stone hammers, cold cutting machines, tile cutting machines, mixers, round saws, vibrators, electric solderers and other tools and machinery necessary in the construccion business.

Human resources

In Vimar La Linea S.L. we are aware of the importance of human resources,our workers, who are the foundation of our firm, and therefore we take great care of their apprenticeship and their integration into the work force.
In Vimar La Linea we have qualified staff to carry out our projects. We have our own technical department in order to offer complete service to our customers, and this department is permanently in charge of over-seeing the quality of the work carried out at the building site.

The Department of Administration, the Department of Human Resources, the superintendents, foremen and all the workers complete the rest of our staff.

The safety of our workers is very important, therefore the Plan for Prevention and Risks at Work is foremost in our priorities.